Fabric Acoustic Panel With Excellent Solidified Chamfer

Fabric Acoustic Panel With Excellent Solidified Chamfer

The Fabric Acoustic Panel is made of anti-fire fiberglass acoustic cotton inside and resin frame with fabric/leather/suede outside packed.

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More about Fabric Acoustic Panel

The fabric acoustic panel can be widely used for gymnasium, business center, exhibition hall, hotel, library, cafe, and other places where seek for high requirement about acoustic and decoration.

It's because of the existence of fiberglass acoustic cotton inside, the fireproofing performance reaches B1 grade, it won't help the fire grow up. 


Size: 1200*2400mm, 1200*1200mm, 1200*600mm, others can be customized

Thickness: 25mm, 50mm, others can be customized

Density: 96kg/m3

Color: Vinco color chart

Fireproof: B1 grade

Features: sound-absorbing, soundproofing, fireproofing, decorating

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