Diffusers Ceiling Acoustic Panel Fireproof Soundproof Material

Diffusers Ceiling Acoustic Panel Fireproof Soundproof Material

Function: Acoustic Diffusion Material: Solid Wood Size: 600*600*70 mm or custom Finishing: Painting Color: Nature Type: QRD Product name: Noise Control Sound Diffusion QRD Diffuser Wooden Acoustic Panel Application: interior trim Feature: Eco-friendly

Product Details

Product Description
QRD Sound Diffuser
Sound Diffusion
Solid Wood
Studio, Auditorium, Home Theater, Cinema, Lecture Hall
Screw on Wall

Diffusors are used to treat sound aberrations in rooms such as echoes. They are excellent alternatives or complements to sound absorption because they do not remove sound energy, but can be used to effectively reduce distinct echoes and reflections  still leaving a live sounding space. Compared to a reflective surface, which will cause most of the energy to be reflected off at an angle equal to the angle of incidence, a diffusor will cause the sound energy to be radiated in many directions, hence leading to a more diffusive acoustic space. It is also important that a diffusor spreads reflections in time. Diffusors can aid sound diffusion, but this is not why they are used in many cases; they are more often used to remove coloration and echoes.

QRD diffusors are designed to diffuse sound in either one or two directions. Fractal constructions can be used to extend bandwidth.


QRD diffusors are widly used in studio,  lecture hall,  home theater, cinema, private club, high-end club, concert halls, gymnasium, airports, hotels, office, conference room, negotiation rooms,  and all kinds of cultural and entertainment places.

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