High Quality Best Price Folding Partition Walls

High Quality Best Price Folding Partition Walls

The activity partition has brought great change to people's work and daily life. It can divide the large space into several individual rooms which can meet your specific need. The activity partition is usually used in high-end hotels or restaurants. when holding some kinds of activities by different guests, such as holding wedding ceremony, victory banquet and some other big parties, we can fold the partitions, while at other time we can unfold them. The whole process is quite easy and convenient.

Product Details

Vinco mocable partition system has excellent sound insulation and anti fire features.Adopted advanced domestic and foreign technology,combined with our rich practice experience and creative design,our product have flexible movement and easilytobe used.Our Vinco movable partition sysytem is widely used at exhibition hall,international conference centre,meeting room etc.

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