Hanging Acoustic Sound Baffles

Hanging Acoustic Sound Baffles

odel Number: FGB-120-HEXAGON, FGB-120-CIRCLE, FGB-120-CONVEX, FGB-120-CONCAVE Acoustic Panel Type: Fiberglass Facing: Spray coating tissue Back side: White fiber glass tissue Sealed harden edge: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm etc. Color: color chart NRC: 0.95-1.0 Certificate: CE, NRC test report, SGS Type: Acoustic Panels

Product Details

Acoustic panels are made from the high quality fiberglass wool covered with the fireproof fabric. Compared with other products, it has excellent efficiency in sound absorption. Besides, this kind of fiberglass acoustic panels are easy to be installed, which can be beneficial to th e users.

Fire Reaction

Raw Material: Class A

Facing fabric can be custom-ordered

Thermal insulation



Max90% R/H at 40℃

Moisture rate



years without sagging or delaminating


Clean with vacuum, soft brush to remove residue


Main Kinds of Acoustic Panel:

Textile Fabric covered(Facing Fabric can be custom-ordered)
Fiberglass Tissue covered(colors can be custom-ordered)

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