High Quality Operable Partition For Commercial

High Quality Operable Partition For Commercial

GraetFold Technical Description Feature 1.Change the room space flexibly. 2.Heavy Track loading capacity make sure the safety of Partition. 3.Precise welding between separate rail can avoid repairing and maintenances in high probability. 4.Partition retract and push easily, only one person can handle the moving job. 5.Wide application: can be used in Office place, commercial place, exhibition place, Hospital place, etc.

Product Details

SeriesWidthMax HeigthAcoustic ReductionSurface MaterialOpen StyleColor & Pattern


800~1200450030~38 dBMelamine, Fabic,          MDF Board, HDF Board, Sliding / FoldingMelamine wooden, Red, Blue, and other customized
80800~1200650038~46 dB
100800~1200900052~60 dB
Ultra Height800~12008000~1650050~60 dB

1. No rail suspension: the floor has no track, just install the track on the ceiling;

2. Stable and safe: stable and reliable after partitioning, not easy to swing;

3. Compartment environmental protection: the effect of the compartment is good, the maximum sound insulation coefficient can reach 50db;

4. Insulation and energy saving: excellent thermal insulation performance, according to different occupancy rates, the hall is divided into small spaces to reduce air conditioning power consumption;

5. Efficient fire prevention: It is made of high-efficiency fireproof material and has good fireproof performance; 

6. Beautiful and generous: the surface is arbitrarily decorated, and can be combined with the interior decoration effect;

7. Retractable and flexible: the partition is freely retractable and flexible, and one person can complete the whole process of partitioning;

8. Convenient collection: When closing the board, the partition can be hidden in the special storage cabinet, which does not affect the overall appearance;

9. Wide range of applications: products used in hotels, hotels, restaurants, conference halls, exhibition halls, high clean factories and offices.

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