Movable Partition For Meeting

Movable Partition For Meeting

movable patition is always for meeting room sound insulation,it can make from polyester fiber acoustic cotton and panel with fabric panel.the sound insultion can reach acout 40-60dB,this is good for soundproofing. Shenzhen Vinco Soundproofing Materials Co.,Ltd. —— an acoustic company that sells Soundproof Material worldwide.

Product Details

VINCO Soundproof Movable Operable Partitions 

 acoustic operable partitions are used to divide meeting rooms, conference rooms, restaurant and banquet halls etc., it provides convenient and effective space management solutions, the panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails, its has been extensively applied to hotel industry.

VINCO offers products and service with the end user in mind. We build in features that provide benefits to the owner over the life of the partition. Features such as protective edge trim will keep your partitions looking good for many years to come.

The movable partitions consist of a series of interlocking flat panels and the fast set retractable top and bottom seals provide the easiest in-field operation, a simple half-turn of the waist high removable handle extends or retracts the sound seals.

The quick set retractable seals save the owner a great deal of time during setup and take down

Time means money, especially for clients that rent their facilities for meetings and other functions.

VINCO provides panel finishes such as melamine, fabric, leather, wood veneer, high-pressure laminate or other custom surfaces, panels also be supplied unfinished(raw mdf or plywood) for field decoration to compliment the building environment.



Panel SuspensionTop hunge system without the need for a floor track.
Panel WidthEach panel 600mm-1200mm.
TrackAluminum OR Steel Track
Roller on panelSingle or Double Roller
Panel FramesHeavy-duty steel-gusseted aluminum inner frames reinforced with  full height.
Top&bottm sealsTop and bottom pressure retractable seals ensure effortless moved and locked.
Module700mm - 1200mm maximum.
Panel stackingNumerous panel stacking options for complete flexibility.
Panel faceMDF,Plywood, woven fabric, Leather,Natural wood veneer, Melamine,Wood moldings, etc.
FinishesSatin anodised or polyester powder coating to all exposed aluminium components available in a wide range of colours as standard.


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