Restaurant Movable Partition Wall

Restaurant Movable Partition Wall

Shenzhen Vinco Soundproofing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the best restaurant movable partition wall manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale our customized restaurant movable partition wall made in UK, and also welcome to check the price with us. Activity partition wall Product...

Product Details

Activity partition wall

Product Introduction:

Activity Partition wall, also known as high compartment, high partition, high partition wall, office screen, it mainly used for office space to reduce the noise and create a now working occasion as situation need.


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Activity partition characteristics:

1, the partition series products belong to modern art architectural style, it can separate the space quickly,easy to use, and with noise reduce, fireproof functions.

2, the partition wall panels made of high strength steel skeleton, special rubber, high-quality insulation cotton and decorative panels, surface is smooth, strong to resistant impact .

3,The partition wall suspended by the embedded Straight and universal steel wheel

with flexible track,suitable for storage requirements.

4, the ground is no need to paved track, just hanging the track on ceiling and with decorative ceiling unchanged; not affect the overall coherence of space, changes in the invisible.

5, according to the required ,the partition can be install the single and double door for easy access.

6, the wall surface can be used with a variety of finishes to meet different styles of decorative effect.

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