Soundproofing Insulation Mass Loaded Vinyl

Soundproofing Insulation Mass Loaded Vinyl

vinco flexible noise barrier is widely useing soundproofing felt having a certain flexibility of rubber, polymer materials as the main raw material, mainly used with gypsum board for wall insulation and ceiling insulation, also applies to pipes, machinery noise and vibration damping devices.

Product Details

Mass loaded vinyl

 Material:  PVC, metal powder, other accessory ingredient
 Size:  1.2*10m/1.2*5m 
 Thick:  2mm/3mm (other size can be customized )
 Application:  Interior 
 Usage:  Wall, ceiling
 Shape:  Rolls
 Advantage:  Noise reduction, waterproof

mlv sound Barrier
mlv sound Barrier  is derived from latex liquid from rubber trees. The rubber has excellent mechanical properties, low compression set and high resilience. It also has excellent dynamic and rebound properties.
It is available in a wide range of hardness from 30o to 90o shore A.
It has good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Natural rubber is not recommended for use in area where it could come in contact with oils and hydrocarbons.

mlv sound Barrier are used as skit board sheets, bride bearing pads, shot plasting sheets, high tensile tangum sheets, commercial sheet with or without cotton/nylon insertion etc.


mlv sound Barrier– One of the most effective and inexpensive soundproof flooring materials on the market is called mass loaded vinyl. Weighing more than 2lbs per square foot being only ¼ inch thick, it is an extremely dense material that is most effective blocking airborne sound such as neighbors talking, televisions, dogs barking, or busy roads. Products like Quiet Barrier have an STC rating of over 30, and for every 10 SCT you can expect a reduction in sound of 50%.

Product advantage:

1)Environmental-friendly and fireproof

2)can be cut arbitrarily

3)easy to construction 

4)Oil resistant, heat resistant, abrasion resistance,anti-shock etc.  

Packaging & Shipping

Mass loaded Vinyl Rubber packing: in standard poly bag

Mass loaded Vinyl Rubber Shipping:  by sea 

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