Anti Vibration Mats

Anti Vibration Mats

soundproofing&shock deaden mat is made from 10mm high density polyethylene after nanometer technology.It is a kind of environment protected&economic and durable product which life-span more than 70 years.

Product Details


Shock absorbing:The application of our soundproofing&deaden floor matsmakes the whole floor a flexible floating structure and cuts off the solid  audio effects.Also,it improves the consistent effect of the upper floor and enhances the soundpeoof ability for the whole structure.When the sound of ear-sensitive frequency goes through tiny holes in the nano-bubbles,it product cavity resonance therefore the energy is weaken and the crash is reduced.

Airborne sound insulation:Changing frequency from voice spreading by nano bubble cavity resonance effet to reduce sound reflection and achive airborne sound insulation.

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