Fiberglass By Dry Synthetic Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Fiberglass By Dry Synthetic Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Material: high density fiberglass by dry synthetic Color: black or white Size: 600*1200mm Thickness: 15mm NRC: 0.8 Safety: radionuclide Limited Fireproof: Class A Usage: ceilings Certification: test reports

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Prodfuct feature

 1. Acoustic Ceilings Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Panels are usually used between the interlayer of walls and the bottom of the concrete floor, which can stop the noise spread from outside or indoor effectively.

2. And it can also heat insulation. How to control the noise indoor and reduce the hazard to human body caused by noise has become a problem for more and more architects.

3. Using high density fiberglass composited with thin decorating tissue on the surface and fiberglass tissue on the reverse side, deal with edge banding around the panel.

4. Rectangular shape, the surface of the panel will be parallel to the surface of the keel after the construction have been finished, steady and generous.

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