Polyester Fiber Sound Insulation For Wall And Ceiling

Polyester Fiber Sound Insulation For Wall And Ceiling

The polyester fiber sound insulation is made of high quality 100% polyester fiber, the fireproofing performance can reach B1 grade, and the environmental reaches E1 grade. It can be widely used in business center, gallery, exhibition hall, office, library, restaurant, cafe, and other places where seek for high requirement about sound-absorbing performance.

Product Details

Specifications of the polyester fiber sound insulation:

Product: polyester fiber sound insulation

Material: 100% polyester fiber

Size: 1000*20000mm, 1200*600mm, others can be customized

Thickness: 30mm, 50mm, others can be customized

Density: 12kg/m3, 20kg/m3, 25kg/m3, 30kg/m3, others can be customized

Shape: roll or sheet

Color: white

Fireproof: B1 grade

Environmental: E1 grade

Features: sound-absorbing, soundproofing

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