composite sound insulation thermal insulation pipe blanket

- Jun 30, 2016 -

Sound insulation pipe blanket is adopt the hot -pressing manufacturing technique,make three kinds of composite material.

Materials:20mm Wave Acoustic Sponge+ 2mm soundproofing materials+0.1mm Alu foil-faced.

Soundproofing pipe material has nine characteristics: noise, light, moisture, pipe insulation resistance

Pipe insulation.

Burning non-toxic, durable, versatile, flexible, easy to use

Soft qualities make it a good curved shape, close to the tube body wrap, completely solve the troubles from the drain, it can be said as long as there is need to isolate noisy place, you can spend over Shizuka material, it is also your one quiet world.

What the program does not require complicated construction, it does not require any large-scale machinery for the construction, but a knife, a few cans of glue, can facilitate the construction.

Soft on pipeline construction, and easy to use package well bent pipe, in order to achieve the effect of noise.

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