Gongda Electroacoustic Absorption Merger Acoustics Was Rejected, Stock Price Rose 148.91% This Year

- Feb 10, 2020-

On the evening of December 12, tongda electroacoustic co., LTD. (tongda electroacoustic co., LTD., 002655) announced that the company's absorption and merger of wanmo acoustics technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "wanmo acoustics") and related transaction matters were not approved by the work meeting of the merger and reorganization review committee of the listed company of the CSRC. Trading in the company's shares will resume on Friday, December 13, 2019
The reason for the CSRC's rejection is that the disclosure of the fact that the actual controller of all magic acoustics has not changed in the past three years is not sufficient, and all magic acoustics' sales and profit sources are highly dependent on related parties, which does not comply with the relevant provisions of article 43 of the administrative measures for the material assets reorganization of listed companies.
At present, avonsound, a subsidiary of all magic acoustics, has become the controlling shareholder of the company with a 15.27% stake in the company. The change was made in 2017.
According to the announcement, the original controlling shareholder of total electric sound is weifang high-tech, the original actual controller is zhao duren, Yang jinjun, dong xiaomin, ge xiangjun. In December 2017, weifang gaoke and ai sonology, a subsidiary of wanmoacoustics, signed a stock acquisition agreement between weifang ai sonology technology Co., ltd. and weifang gaoke electronics Co., ltd. on Shandong Gettop Acoustic Co.,Ltd. The transfer was completed on March 6, 2018. After the completion of the registration of the transfer of shares, the largest shareholder and the actual controller of the company have changed. The controlling shareholder has changed into ai sonology, and the actual controller has changed into xie guanhong.

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