How To Install The Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Board?

- Oct 29, 2018-

Professional sound absorbing materials are both aesthetically pleasing and have a unique sound absorbing effect.

At the same time as the purpose of generating noise isolation, it is also possible to embellish the entire living room, showing a unique charm and becoming a highlight.

Compared with wallpaper and wall paint, polyester fiber sound absorbing panels have the advantage of sound absorption and aesthetics, and the price is very low.

So How to install the polyester fiber sound absorbing board?

Here, I will tell you how to construct a polyester fiber sound absorbing panel.

1. Take the keel frame, cut polyester fiberboard into smaller pieces when the ceiling is suspended, and use the T-shaped keel for ceiling installation.

2. Paste with environmentally friendly glue

3. Install with a gun nail

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