Knowledge Of Professional Car Audio Conversion Sound Insulation: These Misunderstandings About Car Sound Insulation

- Jan 29, 2020-

1. Is car sound insulation necessary?

There is no affirmative answer here. Whether to make sound insulation depends on the subjective feelings of the riders on the noise of the car. Some people are not sensitive to noise, and driving noisy cars such as Xiali and Qiyun does not feel uncomfortable. There are also people who are very sensitive to noise. Regal will also feel uncomfortable in the ear when it is about 200,000 Magtons. At this time, sound insulation treatment is needed. Therefore, do not follow the trend, do not do sound insulation, depends on whether you really need it.

2. Must the vehicle be soundproofed?

If you want to cut off the noise, you must first understand where the noise comes from, and know the source of the noise, then we can "remedy the situation." Many car owners come to me to make sound insulation or consult the sound insulation openings and ask the whole car sound insulation. It seems that they only Knowing car sound insulation, in fact, not all cars are suitable for car sound insulation.

For some models, their own sound insulation is not bad, or only a certain part of the sound insulation is not in place, it is not necessary to do the whole car sound insulation, as long as it is targeted. For example, if you only feel that the tire noise is loud, you only need to install shock-absorbing plates on the trunk door and wheel hub, and then put sound-absorbing cotton on it, the effect will be much improved, but you ca n’t put it in places where water is easy to enter, such as door panels Sound-absorbing cotton.

3. Is the more sound insulation material used, the better the sound insulation effect?

The sound insulation method is very particular. If it is not done well, the sound insulation effect may be worse than the original car. For example, a Honda Fit car started with a lot of 4 door sound insulation materials, which is about 30% more than the current practice. After finishing it, I found that after closing the door, it felt very ear-piercing. It is to isolate too much high and high frequency sounds, low frequency sounds are prominent, and the sense of balance is lost. There is a feeling that eardrums will be slammed when the door is closed. This is actually a problem. Too many!

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