Renewable Sound Insulation Mat Introduction

- Jun 29, 2016 -

Renewable sound insulation mat are made from renewable polyurethane sponge through high pressure forming a new sound-absorbing material can be used for sound insulation flooring. And as a new sound insulation material, it has the following features: environmental non-toxic, effective sound insulation, shock absorption. Has been widely used in hotels, living room, bars, offices, cinemas, and so on.

This type of material can be used with insulation blankets, with a particularly good sound blocking effect over the entire frequency range, can most effectively isolate impact noise and airborne noise.

Renewable pu foam is a high-density foam, the perforation rate, aperture, etc. are made of a special design, can do sound insulation, shock absorption, waterproof, mildew, suitable for a variety of wet environments.

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