The Details Of Wall Soundproof

- Oct 29, 2018-

Nowadays, In order to save space, the living room wall is not very thick. Even the wardrobe is used to replace most of the wall. It can be straightforward, there is no soundproof wall, and the sound insulation effect is poor!

So, what details should you pay attention to when building a professional soundproof wall?

First of all, in the installation of the keel, the keel cannot be directly hit the wall but should be fixed along the top keel and the keel along the ground. The distance between the plane where the keel is located and the original wall should be kept at a distance of about 20 mm. In order to reduce the effect of the sound bridge on the sound insulation, it is important to know that a dense solid is the best conductor for propagating sound!

Secondly, whether it is the keel or the gypsum board, it is very important to seal the joints. It is very important not to look down on the small gaps. The effect on the sound insulation is fatal, but the sound waves are pervasive!

Third, the threading hole should be sealed well. After the power cord is left out, the threading hole should be sealed with the sealant with flame retardant effect. This step is often neglected, which will reduce the sound insulation effect of the soundproof wall. The principle is the same as above.

Fourth, if you also use the mass loaded vinyl, be sure to attach it to the joint at the seam, and fold the upper and lower edges to ensure the sound insulation of the soundproof wall.

Fifth, the process of filling the sound-absorbing cotton, the corners should be in place, and the no-cotton areacannot be left, resulting in unnecessary waste. 

Sixth, that is the most important point. The material of the soundproof wall must in good quality.

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