Acoustic Wall Baffles

Acoustic Wall Baffles

Kingkus Acoustic felt Polyster fiber acoustic panel-32ae Acoustic Panel Type: Acoustic felt Polyester Acoustic Panels General use: Interior decoration, sound abosorbing NRC: 0.7~0.95,SGS Test for polyester fiber acoustic panel Environmental: SGS E0,Non- toxic, non -allergenic Color: 48 colors,Resistant to fading Material: 100% recyled polyester fiber Size: 1m*50m Thickness: 2mm and 3mm Flame Retardant: SGS B1 Weight Range: 450 and 600gsm in stock for polyester fiber acoustic panel

Product Details

Acoustical mineral fiber ceiling boards acoustic wall baffles acoustic underlay for carpet

Product details

Acoustic Panel TypeAcoustic felt Polyester Acoustic Panels
General useInterior decoration, sound abosorbing
NRC0.7~0.95,SGS Test for polyester fiber acoustic panel
EnvironmentalSGS E0,Non- toxic, non -allergenic
Color48 colors,Resistant to fading
Material100% recyled polyester fiber
Thickness2mm and 3mm
Flame RetardantSGS B1
Weight Range450 and 600gsm in stock for polyester fiber acoustic panel
Product Keywordsacoustical mineral fiber ceiling boards,acoustic wall baffles,acoustic underlay for carpet

Key Features and Benefits
1.Design flexibility without the need for edging or capping, created with solid color throughout
2.Excellent acoustic performance
3.Available in a wide range of colors
4.Limitless branding and design possibilities with custom color printing and in-house custom cutting
5.Lightweight and easy to handle
6.Made from 1 00% polyester fiber without chemical binders 
7.Manufactured using a minimum of 65% post-consumer recycled material
8.Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance
9.Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
10.Manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO 14001 accredited Quality and 11.Environmental Systems
12.Does not contain any Red List chemicals *

Product Specifications
Product Name:Polyester fiber acoustic panel
Composition:100% Polyester Fiber (PET)
Panel Dimensions :2420*1220mm or other Custom size
Thickness :(+/– 10%) 9mm and 12mm color in stock or 3mm.6mm.15mm,24mm.48mm
Weight: (+/– 5%) 1400g/sqm(155kg/m3).1650g/sqm(183kg/m3).2000g/sqm(222kg/m3) for 9mm in stock. 
2400g/sqm(200kg/m3) for 12mm in stock.
2800g/sqm(117kg/m3) for 24mm
Density:1lb/cubic foot=16kg/

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