Pipe Sound Insulation Foam With Alumiun Foil

Pipe Sound Insulation Foam With Alumiun Foil

The sound-insulated product is made from felting the 30MM Wave absorption Sponge and the sound-insulated damping materials combination. the outer layer is aluminum tin foil. ( pipe foam, thermal foam pad ) The three kinds of materials combinations can achieve the best sound-insulated effect. Effect:The separation volume Rw is 32dB solid insulation The products can prohibit the sound from block and shaking,and the noise from facilities and pipe and so on.( rubber mat, foam mat, wave sponge foam ) *Easily cutting by simple tools such as utility knife.( rubber foam padding pipe ) *Usage occassion: Architecture,living-room,factory building,machinehouse,meeting-room,multi-hall,KTV,industrial pipe,office,mobile and so on.

Product Details


Soundproofing pipe material.

Soundproofing pipe material is made from wave acoustic foam,mass loaded vinyl and aluminum foil. Can be fireproof,sound insulating and sound absorbing.


Product Name: Soundproofing pipe material

Material:            Wave acoustic foam,MLV,aluminum foil

Size:                   1000*2000 mm (can be customized)

Thickness:        23 mm wave foam+2 mm MLV+aluminum foil

Color:                 Silver + black+ blue

Density:             25 kg/m3 (wave acoustic foam)

Shape:               Roll

Packing:            Standard poly bag


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