Acoustic Curtains Diy Mass Loaded Vinyl

Acoustic Curtains Diy Mass Loaded Vinyl

From shenzhen VINCO soundproofing materials CO.,Ltd.this product normal size is 1200*2400mm,the size and thickness can be customized. this is good product for sound insulation!

Product Details

Outside Noise Control Sound Barriers For Building Site


The noise control sound barrier is designed to solve noise control applications where both sound absorption and sound blocking must be increased. It is 4 layer structure noise barrier which makes of PVC+ vinyl Sound insulation felt+Sound Absorption Wool+waterproof fiberglass fabric. average sound insulation reaches 27 dB. Industrial applications include enclosures, machinery cover linings, and additions to existing walls or barriers. Architectural applications include crosstalk barriers, room dividers, ceiling barriers, and pipe and duct wrap.


Product Details

Product NameOutside Noise Control Sound Barriers For Building Site
PatternPVC Noise Barrier

vinyl soundproof felt, sound insulation wool, PVC

canvas, fiberglass fabric

FlammabilityClass B


Effective and durable noise absorber and block, easy install and reusable


Outside Noise Control Sound Barriers For Building Site Features:

For indoor and outdoor applications

Flexible and easy installation

Durable and tear resistant

Fire retardant

Acoustical rating 27-35db

8sound barrier 416

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