MLV Insulation for anti noise

MLV Insulation for anti noise

MLV Insulation MLV Insulation is a kind of PVC felt for sound insulation,which is made from macromolecule material,metal powder,accessory ingredient. Parameter: Installation Steps: 1. Flat and clean up the floor; 2. Cover with damping rubber block and polyester fiber cotton on the floor; 3....

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                                                    MLV Insulation for anti noise

MLV Insulation is a heavey soft barrier /wrapper for soundproof in wall, pipa,machine.But the MLV insulation most use for room soundproof ,it use with sound dampening board or gypsum board, after finish install ,the sound noise can abvious reduce.


Product NameMLV Insulation for anti noise
Materialvinyl rubber ,calcium powder

1-1.2 m 

Length10m per roll
Thickness1-4mm make according to your requirement

Wall soundproof Installation Steps:

1. Flat the concrate wall;

2. intall the wood keel 

3. fill up the keel with insulation cotton

4. Cover mlv insualtion sheet on keel

5.Fix gypsum board on keel

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