Sound Blocking Fence-Portable Noise Screens-acoustic Blanket Curtain-sound Dampening Blanket

Sound Blocking Fence-Portable Noise Screens-acoustic Blanket Curtain-sound Dampening Blanket

We specific in the exportation of Chinese Soundproof and Acoustic Material,such as MLV,rubber floor,soundproof curtain,movable wall,polyester fiber acoustic panels and so on.Our products are excellent in quality and reasonable in price.If you need, we can offer samples as you need. We look forward to you early reply,and assure you that your requirements will have our best ang prompt attention. Regards,

Product Details

Product Description


Outdoor noise barrier quilted curtains


noise barrier quilted curtains is designed to solve noise control applications where both sound absorption and sound blocking must be increasednoise barrier quilted curtains.noise barrier quilted curtains is 4 layer structure noise barrier which makes of PVC+ vinyl Sound insulation felt+Sound Absorption Wool+waterproof fiberglass fabric. average sound insulation reaches 27 dB. noise barrier quilted curtains Industrial applications include enclosures, machinery cover linings, and additions to existing walls or barriers. noise barrier quilted curtains Architectural applications include crosstalk barriers, room dividers, ceiling barriers, and pipe and duct wrap.

Product Details

Product Namenoise barrier quilted curtains
noise barrier quilted curtains PatternHanging Noise Barrier

noise barrier quilted curtains made from vinyl soundproof felt, sound insulation wool, PVC

canvas, fiberglass fabric

noise barrier quilted curtains Size1000*2400mm
Thicknessnoise barrier quilted curtains:18mm,20mm,25mm,50mm
noise barrier quilted curtains Colorblue&white,green&white
Flammabilitynoise barrier quilted curtains:Class B

noise barrier quilted curtains Features

Effective and durable noise absorber and block, easy install and reusable
Product image

09425_24_29_28_-8sound barrier 3_8

Packaging & Shipping

Packing detail: in carton boxes/plastic bags

Delivery time : 7-15 days


Company Information

Vinco company noise barrier quilted curtains is one of biggest manufacturers in soundproofing and acoustic material industry in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.
Welcome to visit our factory and we want to offer you the best quality with the most competitive price! If you are interested in soundproof material.please don't hesitate to contact with us ,we will try our best to service you!noise barrier quilted curtains




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