Soundproof sound block panel

Soundproof sound block panel

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Product Details

Sound bloack panel

Vinco sound block panel is  a new soundproof panel which is designed for bar,ktv ,music hall ,etc the high fireproof safety and keep the confortable sound environment .

It is the compund structure, main use the magnesium oxide board as the base material, the middle is the polymer. The whole board size 1220*2440*16mm, it is more effective in soundproof when use with  mass loaded vinyl and insulation cotton.


Material:magnesium oxide board+polymer



Fireproof:Class A


Sound insulation rate: 37db

Packing:40 sheets in one pallet


1.Good sound insulation effective

2.Eco-friendly and fire proof

3.Flat and clear,easy to install

Room Soundproof

1.Install the main keel,and vice keel 

2.Fill up with sound-absorbing cotton, then paste insulation felt

3.Cover the sound block panel with self-tapping screws

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