50mm Acoustic Insulation Foam

50mm Acoustic Insulation Foam

Pyramid Acoustic Foam Pyramid Acoustic Foam is made from polyurethane,wich has many holes on the surface so that can absorb much noise and usually used in studios or music rooms and so on. Parameter: Installation: Glue or use nail to fix the pyramid acoustic foam on the wall tightly is...

Product Details

Product Description

Product: Anechoic chamber pyramid foam

Material: Polyurethane

Size: 500*500mm

Sound-absorption coefficient :  0.8

Fireproof B2 grade can be customized

Environmental : E1 grade

Color: Black,white and other colors can be customized

Denstiy: 15kgs~35kgs/m3

Packing: 20PCS/box



Anechoic chamber pyramid foam Advantage: 

*High rate of sound-absorption and insulation

*B1 grade of flame retardant and 250 degree melting

*Compact structure ,stable form ,light weight and safe construction

*No harm to the human,invironmental and no smelling

*Secondary use

*When soaking, the sound-absorption function and the structure keep unchanged and also still have high drainage

*can be cut arbitrarily.

Anechoic chamber pyramid foam theory 

The product become the bump waves foam through the special treatment,the internal micro pores and semi-open cell structure absorbs the acoustic and make the acoustic weaken.

Anechoic chamber pyramid foam application:

(1)Home application ( wall soundproofing, ceiling sound insulation, pipe soundproofing)

 (2)Entertainment application: KTV, hotel, bar, night club, disco, cinema

 (3)Workplace application: office building, meeting room, office room, studio, recording room.

(4)Industrial place application: air conditioning facilities, air compressor room,pumping station, manufacture workshop. 


Anechoic chamber pyramid foam method:

A. paint the glue to the back of the sound-absorption foam and the wall equal,

Paves the foam to the wall till the glue become 80% dry, then press lightly.

B.use the stronger stickiness double-glue to the foam, stick the foam to the wall tightly.

C.tail the foam to the wall directly by nails.

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