Sound Absorbing Foam Panels Wall

Sound Absorbing Foam Panels Wall

sound absorbing foam panels wall that says one soundproof materials be used for studio or recording room for isolation noise .as we know ,sound absorbing foam panels wall is made of pu foam ,easy to cut ,so there are many different kinds of sahpe for your choise.the normal shape is wave foam....

Product Details

                                                           Sound Absorbing Foam Panels Wall


sound absorbing foam panels is one of the popular acoustic materials apply in studio,recording room , the acoustic foam design in flat pattern,normal size  is 500*500*50mm, the cilent can diy  according to your studio sound frequency,sometime will match use with the wooden acoustic diffuser panel, the different pattern in different color also can choose to use.


Name of product :

sound absorbing foam panels wall

Specification :




Raw materials :

Polyurethane sponge

Density :


Packing :

80 pcs in a bag

Set :

16 pieces as a full set

Panel shape :


Color :

Red ,black ,yellow ,green,blue etc 


Home medium room,small theater, meeting room, training room, voice test room, lisening class ,sound box ,etc

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